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  • Who am I?

      'Who I am' is not a fixed entity.I am neither on the ground, first or second,I am a dynamic stream of experiences that are alive in every moment as I let myself happen: I am a s...
  • A Life Of Far Greater SUCCESS ...

    You are not a failure and greatness exists in You. I believe you're quite capable of freeing your 'Self' from the traps of the ego and made-up / limited beliefs that are keeping you away fr...
  • Getting To Know Me (Windsor Lindor)

    What brought you to become a Life Coach?  Throughout my life, I have always had an interest regarding human-behaviors, human-relationships, world politics, spiritual fulfillment ...
  • Women Leaders

    In this moment, I am choosing these words for the women Leaders, Pastors, Church Leaders, Community Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Engineers, Professors, Directors, Inventors, Pilots,...

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  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor wrote a new blog entry:
    • Tue at 10:19 PM
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor wrote a new blog entry:
    • Mon at 4:16 PM
  • Brittany Podhola
    Brittany Podhola Here's hoping everyone has a great Monday. God bless!
    • Mon at 7:30 AM
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor If you want to achieve the SUCCESS you desire a great deal sooner and create a life of infinite possibilities... Then, what choices will you make this week to untangle from the conditional programs that keep you stuck? When will you map out a course for y...  more
    • August 30
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor Become more inner-directed. Do not attempt to eradicate something that you cannot see by surrounding your 'Self' with external distractions and made-up/limited beliefs that are keeping you away from reclaiming ownership of the 'context of You'. Choose to ...  more
    • August 30
  • Brittany Podhola
    Brittany Podhola YES! Amen
    • August 29
  • Brittany Podhola
    Brittany Podhola Hello Friends! Hope you all are having a great day:) God bless, ♥Britt
    • August 27
  • Krista Keller-Salazar
    Krista Keller-Salazar Wishing you a blessed Wednesday.
    • August 26
  • Reggie Salazar
    Reggie Salazar The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
    PS 19:8
    • August 25
  • Richard Insinna
    Richard Insinna What's the most important thing ?  

    You love your family !
    • August 25
  • Brittany Podhola
    Brittany Podhola   Psalm 106:1~  Praise the Lord! 
    Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, 
    for his steadfast love endures forever! ♥  
    • August 25
  • Brittany Podhola
  • Ashley A Miller
    Ashley A Miller A Glimpse of my last trip to Mt. Rainier. What a Blessed time with these two 2016 seniors. 
    • August 23
  • Richard Insinna
    Richard Insinna Well everyone, it's been a great summer, but it's time for all my kids to go back to school. In some ways they're looking forward to it, there's plenty of good teachers and fun times, but there's always one or two teachers or one or two classmates to give...  more
    • August 23
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor It may not always feel like it, but the choices are yours to make. Choose to find  the strength and courage to accept this two-hour call on Sunday, August 23, 2015 and start the process on becoming stress resilient. Sign-Up here at more
    Responding Effectively To Life's Stressors Series Tickets,  Seaside
 | Eventbrite
    • August 20