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  • Powersharing - let your light shine

    Let your light shine. This is one reason Powersharing exists...let your light shine and may it become brighter and brighter. We are created by an awesome Creator and His love shines in t...
  • The Power of Power

    The Power of Power. What kind of power are we talking about here?  Last night as I watched the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, I noticed how very powerful both ...
  • Springtime

      Springtime is here and like all creation, we too experience seasons. Without exception, no one can live without going through personal winters. Personal winters can be very dif...

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  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond
    • May 24
  • Brittany Podhola
    Brittany Podhola Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has a blessed day!♥
    • May 24
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor Think how much easier your day would be if you could reduce even a fraction of the chronic stress you endure. Not only can you begin to feel less tense immediately, but you will also be contributing to your overall well being. Will you take the next step ...  more
    Purpose Driven: Becoming Stress Resilient
    • May 22
  • Windsor Lindor
    Windsor Lindor Do you have the support and the tools that will show you new ways to isolate the beliefs that are holding you back and help you dissolve negative thoughts? If not, when will you think of yourself as the majority shareholder in your life and get the extra ...  more
    • May 22
  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond Happy Birthday Reggie!!
    • May 22
  • Tammy Scofield
    Tammy Scofield Happy Birthday Reggie Salazar!  We have been friends for many many years and will continue to be life long pals!  Hope you and Krista do something fabulous for your birthday!  
    • May 22
  • Rod Salazar
    Rod Salazar Happy Birthday to my brother Reggie! Wishing you a great bday & year ahead.
    Cheers to you, Reginald Denny Salazar! Love you bro! Go Dodgers & Bruins!
    • May 22
  • Richard Insinna
    Richard InsinnaReggie Salazar: Happy Birthday Reggie!  I know you and Krista will have a wonderful weekend.  It's great to see this site working so well!
    • May 22
  • Tammy Scofield
    Tammy Scofield Waiting for a new niece to be born today.  That will make 3 Scofield babies born on the same day!  Easy to remember their birthdays!  It's my beautiful Grandson Marcus's birthday today...Happy Birthday Marcus.  Nani loves you!
    • May 21
  • Krista Keller-Salazar
    Krista Keller-Salazar God has held my hand all though my life and as I get older, I can feel
    his grip more and more. I felt your grip again today, God. Thank you!
    • May 21
  • Brittany Podhola